Perspectives on object-centered learning in museums

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Machine generated contents note: Foreword -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- List of Contributors -- Part I Studying Learning with Objects in Contexts -- 1 The Role of Context in Children's Learning From Objects -- and Experiences -- Lynn Dierking -- 2 The Role of Objects in Active, Distributed Meaning-Making -- Shawn Rowe -- 3 Children Learning with Objects in Informal Learning -- Environments -- Scott G. Paris and Susanna E. Hapgood -- 4 The Authentic Object? A Child's-Eye View -- E. Margaret Evans, Melinda S. Mull, and -- DevereauxA. Poling -- 5 When the Object is Digital: Properties of Digital Surrogate -- Objects and Implications for Learning -- C Olivia Frost -- 6 Through the Garden Gate: Objects and Informal Education -- for Environmental and Cultural Awareness in Arboreta and -- Botanic Gardens -- David C Michener and IngerJ. Schultz -- 7 Epistemological Issues about Objects -- James VWertsch -- Part II Discipline-Based Explorations of Objects -- 8 Learning With, Through, and About Art: The Role of -- Social Interactions -- Barbara Piscitelli and Katrina Weier -- 9 Placing Objects Within Disciplinary Perspectives: Examples -- From History and Science -- Robert Bain and Kirsten M. Ellenbogen -- 10 Fostering an Investigatory Stance: Using Text to Mediate -- Inquiry with Museum Objects -- Susanna E. Hapgood andAnnemarie Sullivan Palincsar -- 11 Objects and Learning: Understanding Young Children's -- Interaction with Science Exhibits -- Leonie J Rennie and Terence P McClafferty -- 12 Reading Objects -- Christina E. van Kraayenoord and Scott G. Paris -- 13 Cloaking Objects in Epistemological Practices -- Leona Schauble -- Part m Conversations About Objects -- 14 Object-Based Learning and Family Groups -- Minda Borun -- 15 Maps, Globes, and Videos: Parent-Child Conversations -- About Representational Objects -- Maureen A. Callanan, Jennifer L.Jipson, and -- Monika Stampf Soennichsen -- 16 Pathways Among Objects and Museum Visitors -- KristineA. Morrissey -- 17 Objects of Learning, Objects of Talk: Changing Minds -- in Museums -- Gaea Leinhardt and Kevin Crowley -- 18 Leveling the Playing Field Through Object-Based -- Service Learning -- DeAnna Banks Beane and Myla Shanae Pope -- 19 The Object of Experience -- Sally Duensing -- Author Index -- Subject Index
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.