Museum Experience Design

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Springer International Publishing
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Crowds, Ecosystems and Novel Technologies
Explores the implications of contemporary trends that are shaping the future of museum experience design Unravels theoretically as well as through example design cases the complexity of designing for museums as part of ecosystems Discusses and illustrates the impacts of novel technologies on museum experience design Illustrates and reflects on dealing with diverse audiences and online crowds in designing engaging museum experiences
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Future Museum Experience Design: Crowds, Ecosystems and Novel Technologies -- Supporting Social Engagement for Young Audiences with Serious Games and Virtual Environments in Museums -- Design Is Not for Us: Engaging a New Audience for the Design Museum by Changing Their Expectations -- Crowdsourcing Ideas for Augmented Reality Museum Experiences with Children -- Experiencing the Art Museum: Methods for Public Engagement -- Crowd Mining Applied to Preservation of Digital Cultural Heritage -- Paid Crowdsourcing as Concept and Content Generator to Enhance Museum Experiences -- The Value of User-Centric Crowdsourcing for Cultural Heritage: Fostering Emotional Engagement with Integrity -- One Museum, Multiple Doors—Design for Experience of Living Cultural Heritage for Different Stakeholders -- Augmenting the Experience of a Museum Visit with a Geo-Located AR App for an Associated Archaeological Site -- Interactive and Social Technology: Challenges and Opportunities for Museums and Heritage Institutions in Latin America -- Using Mobile Technologies to Capture the Visitor Experience -- A Critical Reflection on Three Paradigms in Museum Experience Design -- Becoming Vincent: A Multifaceted Story in a Multifaceted Ecosystem -- Designing Trajectories of Experiences: In Museums, Around Museums, or Including Museums -- The Museum as Ecosystem and Museums in Learning Ecosystems