Museum revolutions : how museums change and are changed

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Establishing the paradigmatic museum: Georges Cuvier?s Cabinet d?anatomie compar¿eÿ in Paris / Philippe Taquet -- William Bullock: inventing a visual language of objects / Susan Pearce -- Museums, fossils and the cultural revolution of science: mapping change in the politics of knowledge in early nineteenth-century Britain / Simon J. Knell -- Establishing the manifesto: art histories in the nineteenth-century museum /Christopher Whitehead -- Economic logic versus Enlightenment rationality: evolution of the museum-zoo-garden complex and the modern Indian city, 1843-1900 / Savithri Preetha Nair -- Occupying the architecture of the gallery: spatial, social and professional change at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 1877-1933 / Suzanne MacLeod -- Modernity and identity: the National Museum of Iran / Ali Mozaffari -- Science centres: a museums studies approach to their development and possible future direction / Richard Toon -- Before ?Te Maori?: a revolution deconstructed / Conal McCarthy -- Museums, social responsibility and the future we desire / Robert R. Janes -- Making Pakeha histories in New Zealand museums: community and identity in the post-war period / Bronwyn Labrum -- History museums, community identities and a sense of place: rewriting histories / Sheila Watson -- Museums and the shaping of cultural identities: visitors' recollections in local museums in Taiwan / Chia-Li Chen -- Political and social influences affecting the sense of place in municipal museums in Portugal / Marta Anico and Elsa Peralta -- Ecomuseums and sustainability in Italy, Japan and China: concept adaptation through implementation / Peter Davis -- Maori, museums and the Treaty of Waitangi: the changing politics of representation and control / David Butts -- Cultural entrepreneurs, sacred objects and the living museums of Africa / Evelyn Tegomoh -- harting the boundaries: Indigenous models and parallel practices in the development of the post-museum/ Moira G. Simpson -- here to from here? Repatriation of Indigenous human remains and the museum? / Michael Pickering -- Beyond nostalgia: the role of affect in generating historical understanding at heritage sites / Kate Gregory and Andrea Witcomb -- Visitors and learning: adult museum visitors' learning identities / Lynda Kelly -- Museums - drama, ritual and power / Jem Fraser -- Critical museum pedagogy and exhibition development: a conceptual first step / Margaret A. Lindauer -- Learning at the museum frontiers: democracy, identity and difference / Viv Golding -- Moral lessons and reforming agendas: history museums, science museums, contentious topics and contemporary societies / Fiona Cameron --?Who knows the fate of his bones?? Rethinking the body on display: object, art or human remains? / Mary M. Brooks & Claire Rumsey -- From the document to the monument: museums and the philosophy of history / Beth Lord -- Education, postmodernity and the museum / Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
Includes bibliographical references and index.