Re-presenting disability : activism and agency in the museum

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Representing disability
Table of contents
pt. 1. New ways of seeing -- Activist practice / Richard Sandell and Jocelyn Dodd -- Picturing people with disabilities : classical portraiture as reconstructive narrative / Rosemarie Garland-Thomson -- Agents at Angkor / Lain Hart -- 'See no evil' / Victoria Phiri -- Ghosts in the War Museum / Ana Carden-Coyne -- Behind the shadow of Merrick / David Hevey -- Disability reframed : challenging visitor perceptions in the museum / Jocelyn Dodd ... [et al.] -- pt. 2. Interpretive journeys and experiments -- To label the label? : "learning disability" and exhibiting "critical proximity" / Helen Graham -- Hurting and healing : reflections on representing experiences of mental illness in museums / Joanna Besley and Carol Low -- Histories of disability and medicine : reconciling historical narratives and contemporary values / Julie Anderson and Lisa O'Sullivan -- Revealing moments : representations of disability and sexuality / Elizabeth Mariko Murray and Sarah Jacobs -- The red wheelchair in the white snowdrift / Geraldine Chimirri-Russell -- Face to face : exhibiting and Interpreting facial disfigurement in a museum context / Emma Chambers -- pt. 3. Unsettling practices -- "Out from under" : a brief history of everything / Kathryn Church ... [et al.] -- Transforming practice : disability perspectives and the museum / Shari Rosenstein Werb and Tari Hartman Squire -- Reciprocity, accountability, empowerment : emancipatory principles and practices in the museum / Heather Hollins -- Disability, human rights and the public gaze : the Losheng Story Museum / Chia-Li Chen -- A museum for all? : the Norwegian Museum of Deaf History and Culture / Hanna Mellemsether -- Collective bodies : what museums do for disability studies / Katherine Ott.
Includes bibliographical references and index.